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Saturday, May 24, 2008

hello people~~~ its been a longg time since i last came... and... ever since then.. WHAT HAPPENED MAN PEOPLE?!?!?! =((((((((((((

well, anyway, yes.. im here to plan the long-awaited-2f'07 class outing... but it'll be hard... hmm........

okay~ according to the polls i did during school, movie marathon won... and to make things clear, we ain't going to a cinema to pay like 8 dollars for every single movie NOR are we gonna sneak into cinemas okay~? so.. what we're gonna do instead is go to SOMEONE'S HOUSE (hinting to shijie... =D) and everyone bring some of their dvds (pirated or not.. dun care =D) and contribute a lil bit of snacks for everyone.

but more importantly, i need to know when the majority of 2f'07 people are free as u know... i'll try to plan the outing on the first week of this holidays. I NEED UR HELP PEOPLE!! TO MAKE THIS OUTING POSSIBLE OKAY~?? IM LONGING FOR ONE REALLL BADLY...

gimmi ur whats that word... *snaps fingers* opinions/feedbacks/blahblah ASAP okay~?

oh.. b4 i end this... can ya'll help to make this place a little liveier~? =((((

phy =D

GESS 1F o6
9:06 PM