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Saturday, January 19, 2008

hey guys!
its been only lyk 3 weeks since sch reopen, and tis place is already literally - DEAD. i have jux been to 3Fo8 classblog, and omg, they seemed so united already. they have a 3Fo8 classblog, class forum, and they are going to have a class t-shirt already. im feeling envious over here okay, 3G is lyk so....... haix, its lyk so quiet, so different from 2Fo7, and i really feel weird. luckily, we have 22 people from 2Fo7 in 3Go8 to make it more 2F, if not i can tell u its gonna be really a BORING class.
so anyway ppl, dun leave tis place dead ya? work hard and study hard for tis year would be really TOUGH! =D

ps: i have linked e 3Fo8 classblog to our classblog already =)

-li sin-

GESS 1F o6
12:47 PM