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Friday, October 26, 2007

hello my deary dearest dear 2f...

anyone still feelin a tinnie winnie upset? join the club then.

2 long years of unforgettable memories. its been the best school memory for me. its hard to forget them, but they'll still be forgotton someday.... just don't ever ever ever ever ever ever let it be forgotton understand people in 2f?!?!?!

thinking back about how it was like when we all first met each other and perhaps hated each other, and just now, when we were dismissed, and everyone was feeling sad and couldn't bear to part with neither the class nor the classroom and when everyone would miss each other and started bidding farewell and giving hugs and handshakes. its just... so emotional and touching la!

its just that, whenever u get reminded of the days we spent together, tears will start welling up in my eyes... argh... even though we'll still see each other in school next year and there will still be outings organised, the feeling's just not the same as before....

anyway, 2f girls must still continue to gather at the place we always do every morning next year okay??? and the guys must also always gather at the ministage okay?? i'll continue to love and miss you all de!! you all must also continue to love and miss me okay??? lol...

cya people at the chalet!! 2f'07 forever~~ <3<3<3<3 thanks for everything guys.... love ya loads! will never forget you all!!

GESS 1F o6
9:50 PM