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Sunday, May 27, 2007

hi ppl!
firstly... congrats to all for surviving e ACE camp! it was very fun, especially e campfire nite. my god! we rox la... hahas, on e 1st day of the camp it rain... we were lyk kinda stuck outside the shelters outside e resort there la, e boys in my grp damn wad lor... they all go hide behind there, then left the gals to sit infront, where all e rain came splashing in. me and eileen was lyk so wet lor... i finally found out tt our class boys are e most gentlemen among all sec 2 boys... at least they 2f boys wun go hiding at e back....
so to e boys of 2F'07... u guys rox! hahas

now to my main point...
phy requested me to post all e holiday hw on e class blog so here it goes... im not sure if tis is all, but tis is all i noe... if got any more or any change or wad, im sry. as for the chi, tamil, malay hw, i seriously dunno

here goes........

june holiday homework 2007:
-eng/lit portfolio
-mt online work [think tis online work is everbody hv to do, regardless chi, tamil, malay, hcl]
-heymath work [lesson and worksheet (access for e ws next week i think)]
-maths project
-hcl and chi worksheet [compre]
-zhou ji for hcl ppl

rite, tis is abt all e work to be done.
happy holidays to u guys!!

cya at e oral examinations =)
-li sin-
27th may 2007

GESS 1F o6
7:32 PM