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Thursday, April 12, 2007

hey ppl...

pls try to protect the decorations that we put up as it was a great deal of effort by the few of us that stayed back to do those decorations. first of all, the TRASH BAG. pls AVOID, and i really mean AVOID, stepping on the trash bags as they are already a bit of torn and if it is torn further more, its not gonna work, and poor benjamin, edwin ong and eng kang's effort will go down the drain. next, are the FOUR DRAWINGS outside the window. pls keep the four windows CLOSED at all times and CLOSE AND LOCK all the windows at tt side after sch to prevent anybody from putting their hands through the windows and opening the four windows and destroying edwin chiang's precious drawings. and last of all, the FOUR CLOTHS at the doors. pls try to make sure tt the cloths are hung up the door nicely and if u see tt e masking tape are dropping, pls try to stick them back. if not tell maybe me or cuiling abt it.

and oso, i hope that u guys can lyk pay more attention to the lessons, now tt e seating arrangements are slightly changed, so tt e subject teachers wun complain and we wun have to take out the trash bag and waste benjamin, edwin ong and eng kang's effort.

the judging of the decorations would be done next friday(20th april 2007). if u feel tt e decorations are annoying, pls try to bare wif it for e next week or so instead of destroying them or vadalising them.

i thank u guys for ur co-operation! =)

-li sin-
12th april 2007

GESS 1F o6
5:39 PM