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Thursday, October 12, 2006

i shall update since it's getting kinda boring here. (: yesyes, CUILING here. :D i know you guys miss me alot right. never see me since friday. and that's like 6 days without seeing me. LOL. princess hours, also known as goong is so so so so nice!! (: i love SHIN!! i'm still obsess with it. gosh, gotten stop thinking of this show before i go nuts! hahhaha.

monday- watch GOONG like mad
tuesday- go bird park
wednesday- cousin came to my house
thursday- going out with lyn later
friday- go school

that's my timetable for the week. yahoooo. results are coming out soon too yeah. ALL THE BEST! reach for the stars! ahha. okay. so see all of ya tomorrow! (:

one more thing,
appreciate the beauty of this picture,
the reflection of it by the lake,
the nature of this flamingoes.

it is, of course, taken by the world-class photographer, aka me. ((: heehees.

Cui Ling

GESS 1F o6
9:10 AM