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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

HAHAHA! (: it's CUILING here. oh yeah. i finally remeber what i'm here for. cos i have been stoning at this page for so long cos i can't remember what i wanna type. haha. anyway, i just wanna say, mrs lin. our dearest science teacher. (((: she told me to tell my science center group (group 2) that we have to meet at science center this saturday by 10.30am. sharp! it's not 11am okay. 10.30am!! at science center. she said something like we'll be on TV. -.- and it's group 2 and one boy from 1E which i had yet to find out who he is. yeah yeah yeah. nothing else i think.

off for slacking.


GESS 1F o6
11:23 AM