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Saturday, September 23, 2006

hello people, CUILING here. (: haha. i just changed the wrong blog timing to singapore time. i just linked track,band and prefects' blog. hmmm. anymore CCAs have links? and do ya wanna link 1G's blog? lalala~ this skins is nice. (: from kc. and lyn's doing another one now. yeah, so let's see. the tagboard is nicer too. it's cbox! YAY. and tag please! and the links are working at last. (: okay. GOOD!

and you people must be mugging hard during this weekend right. yesssss, must study hard! and win that archery lesson! ALL THE WAY! i don't know what to blog about lah. it's so no life here. -.- but fear not, i'll go tell our class people to visit. (: i shall go link our class blog on my blog now. :D ciao!
Cui Ling

GESS 1F o6
8:33 PM