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Friday, September 29, 2006

hello! CUILING here.  (: hmmm. class had been rather peaceful this few days. been great this way.

anyway, i'm here to comment on 2 things.

firstly, i agree with li sin. she's quite right in both her post. (: we shouldn't just look at the bad side of people. there's surely the good and bad side of a person. if you don't like mr thia or whoever, that's just one side of it. always look at things clearly before making a conclusion. he might be harsh but after fitri told him about it, i think he changed quite alot. he knows how to reflect on his own actions and i think we should do the same too. so yeah.

secondly, stop changing the passwords! and can anyone like just tell the class about the password and ID. or if wanna blog-invite, invite everyone at one shot. so i can tell people the correct password and incase, i can't tell some people the password, INVITE EVERYONE!! and it's a class blog anyway. so i think everyone should have the right of knowing the password and ID.

so, whatever. study hard. (:

love ya always,
Cui Ling

GESS 1F o6
10:06 PM